CSR : a pathway towards economic, social and environmental transition

CSR : a pathway towards economic, social and environmental transition
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Own initiative
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Section for European and International Affairs
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Date adopted : 06/26/2013
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CGT Group

Nation States are no longer the only players on the international stage. As a result of globalisation, new players, including the multinational enterprises (MNE), have emerged over the years, altering the balance of power at global level.

While the crises which are undermining the future of the planet continue to multiply, corporate social responsibility - CSR - is increasingly being invoked. On the one hand, it is now recognised as one of the tools at the service of sustainable development, designed to meet the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. On the other hand, the concept of CSR is part of an evolution of the international legal framework with: a start being made to defining legal standards, the emergence of the concept of collective bargaining at a global level with international framework agreements, the extension of corporate responsibility to its sphere of influence...