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Corporate governance and performance

Corporate governance and performance

Type of text : Opinion
Type of referral : Own initiative
Working group : Section for Economic Activities

Rapporteur(s) :

Cooperation Group
Date adopted : 28/05/2013 | Period : 2010-2015

In the context of a need for competitiveness in the broader sense, the economic, social and environmental challenges make it more imperative than ever that a network of successful companies be developed. This success should be viewed first and foremost as the ability to satisfy the interests of all internal stakeholders in the company, including: - involvement of managers, employees and shareholders in the daily business operations of the company and in the development of its strategy; - sufficient capitalisation encouraging long-term investment; - an organisation of decision-making bodies taking into account size and being open to varied skills and expertise. Employees are an integral part of a company. They should be at the heart of its operations through information, participatory management practices and sharing in the results. They should also be involved, in various ways, with company capitalisation and decision-making. The company’s performance should also be thought of as its ability to improve its relations with its external stakeholders: its area and its environment, its suppliers and subcontractors; its customers and consumers. The overall performance of the company therefore ultimately depends on its ability to create - through renewed governance - a genuine community of interests.