Reconcile France : annual report on the state of France in 2017

Reconcile France : annual report on the state of France in 2017
Type of text :
Opinion and report
Type of referral :
Own initiative
Working group :
Section for Economy and Finance
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 05/23/2017
Rapporteur(s) :
Guillaume DUVAL
Qualified individual
Liberal Professions Group

In all evidence, France is at a turning point where it must change its collective mindset. This is the observation made by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC) in its annual report on the state of France 2017 (RAEF), based on the 10 new wealth indicators that the Government has adopted to assess the situation of the country, in addition to GDP growth.

I n the autumn of 2016, 88% of French people felt their country was heading in the wrong direction according to the Ipsos Global Advisor, which was the highest rate of the 26 countries - developed and emerging alike - covered by this study. One of the indicators studied in this report bears on how satisfied French people are in life. With a score of 7.2 out of 10, our fellow citizens are for the most part satisfied on a personal level, despite their pessimism as regards their country. This result, which has not changed much in recent years, is within the European average and remains much higher than the rate in southern European countries where it has plummeted since 2010.