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How do you speed up energy transition ?

How do you speed up energy transition ?

Opinion on implementation of the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (LTECV)
Type of text : Opinion and report
Type of referral : Own initiative
Working group : Section for Environment

Rapporteur(s) :

Guillaume DUVAL
Qualified individual
Madeleine CHARRU
Associated individual
Date adopted : 28/02/2018 | Period : 2015-2020
The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (LTECV) adopted in 2015 gave concrete expression to the determination to decrease greenhouse gas emissions fourfold by 2050. It sought to accelerate development of renewable energies, see that major efforts are made with regard to energy efficiency, especially in buildings, and promote energy sobriety by encouraging households and businesses to modify their behaviour. Three years on, the ESEC has made an initial assessment of its implementation.
Despite the many initiatives that have been developed, the French economy is not yet on a trajectory that has any hope of achieving the desired objectives. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased once again in 2015 and 2016. There has been no improvement as far as transport is concerned, there is a long way to go before energy renovation goals in the housing and business real-estate sector are achieved, and France is still one of Europe’s most backward countries in terms of deployment of renewable energies. Resources assigned to energy transition are still inadequate and their stability is by no means guaranteed.