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Guaranteed social minimum income

Guaranteed social minimum income

Type of text : Opinion and report
Type of referral : Parliamentary referral
Working group : Temporary commission "guaranteed social minimum income"

Rapporteur(s) :

Marie-Aleth GRARD
Qualified individual
Martine VIGNAU
Date adopted : 25/04/2017 | Period : 2015-2020
In its 1987 opinion entitled Extreme poverty and economic and social precarity (Rapporteur: Joseph Wresinski), the Economic and Social Council defined precarity as "the absence of one or more forms of security, not least in terms of employment, which allow individuals and families to assume their professional, family and social obligations and to exercise their fundamental rights." This definition is still relevant today: France boasts the world's 6th largest economy and yet 8.8 million people are still living below the poverty line.
In our society where access to knowledge plays a key role, poverty is not just monetary, but is often the result of a string of difficulties: access to education, housing, health, transport, energy or culture. It takes a heavy toll on people who go through it - on their self-esteem and their health (life expectancy falls by 25 years).