Contribution of jobs for diversity to the energy transition

Contribution of jobs for diversity to the energy transition
Type of text :
Opinion and report
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Own initiative
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Section for Environment
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 09/14/2016
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Environment and nature group
The energy transition is a joint project in which all economic sectors and sections of society are called to get involved. Protecting and reclaiming biodiversity is one of the overarching challenges of this transition: the development of "jobs for biodiversity" will therefore be a sign that the collective resolve to taking it up is being acted upon.
Since 2010, various studies have pinpointed which occupations and jobs are specifically dedicated to nature and biodiversity. The work by the Technical Workshop for the Natural Environment (ATEN) and National Association for Adult Vocational Training (AFPA) outlines an initial circle of 28,000 jobs specifically devoted to biodiversity, plus a second circle of 48,000 jobs which help to safeguard it - making 76,000 jobs in total. This inventory is not yet complete, however; not by a long way. A great many jobs with a bearing on biodiversity are taken into account and aggregated in inventories of the economy and green or greening sectors, but they have not been clearly identified in the second circle. Likewise, the breakdown of jobs concerned by type of employer (State, local authority, private company, association) is not known with any precision.