Climate-energy: france must build its capacity

 Climate-energy: france must build its capacity
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Type of referral :
Continuous referral
Working group :
Section for Environment
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 04/09/2019
Rapporteur(s) :
Guillaume DUVAL
Madeleine CHARRU

For several months now, millions of people across France and worldwide have been protesting against climate inaction. At the same time, the "yellow vest" movement is a reminder of just how tricky it still is to strike the right balance between energy transition and social justice. The proposals for the National Low-Carbon Strategy (SNBC) for 2019-2033 and the Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE) for 2019-2028 are being debated against this backdrop. These two road maps are expected to provide all stakeholders with a stable framework for investing ex tensively in the energy transition. On 20 February 2019, the ESEC already set out its views on the amendments to be made to the 2015 Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (LTECV) to bring it into line with the developments put forward by the Government.