The religious factor in companies

The religious factor in companies
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Own initiative
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Section for labour and employment
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Date adopted : 11/12/2013
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Associations Group
Gabrielle SIMON
CFTC Trade Union Group

In private companies, excluding missions and delegations of public service, the law provides that freedom of religion is the rule. Of course, it must integrate with the demands of work, that is, the normal conduct of activities and proper performance the employment contract. However, this reality does not cover all activities. It is indeed due to the principle of secularism that neutrality is required of public servants. It is at the borders of these two sectors, private and public, that situations are the most legally complex.
However, the issue of religious expression is a current matter of interest for all workplaces, irrespective of the legal status of the employer. Certainly, it generates only a small amount of litigation, but it is a very real concern for management, as is shown by several recent studies.