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Professional qualification certificates

Professional qualification certificates

Type of text : Opinion and report
Type of referral : Own initiative
Working group : Section for Labour and Employment

Rapporteur(s) :

Dominique GILLIER
CFDT Group
Date adopted : 13/09/2016 | Period : 2015-2020
At a time of widespread economic, technological, ecological and organisational change, professional qualifications and skills as we know them are being profoundly affected in a way which that has major implications for individuals, companies and the community as a whole.
As evidence of a person's qualifications and the learning outcomes of a certifying course, professional qualifications are crucial points of reference for employers, work collectives and individuals alike.
Indeed, an efficient professional certifications system that meets employees' needs and employers' expectations plays a key role in addressing contemporary challenges : securing career paths and professional mobility, job appeal and quality, skills recognition, upskilling and updating skills, national competitiveness and full employment.