Identifying, preventing and tackling trade union discrimination

Identifying, preventing and tackling trade union discrimination
Type of text :
Opinion and report
Type of referral :
Own initiative
Working group :
Section for Labour and Employment
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 07/13/2017
Rapporteur(s) :
Lionel MARIE
CGT Group
Jean-François PILLIARD
Qualified individual

The ESEC's deliberations on trade union discrimination follow on from the opinion it submitted in May 2016 on the development of the social dialogue culture, which had pinpointed protection of staff representatives' involvement as the key to constructive and balanced social dialogue. One of the recommendations of this opinion was to document the current situation regarding trade union discrimination in France on the basis of a periodic report grounded, in particular, on the expertise of the Defender of Rights. The main gist of this recommendation was taken on board in Article 30 of the Act of 8 August 2016. Drafted through a partnership with the Defender of Rights, this opinion is a first step towards this legislative obligation for public information on trade union discrimination and its trends.